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Custom Synthesis

-Reference compounds

-SAR study compounds

-Key intermediates

-Building blocks

-Isotope labeled molecules

-Non-GMP large scale production

Medicinal Chemistry

-Synthesis of HTS hits

-Hit identification

-Lead optimization

-Hit to lead SAR campaign

-Assessment of novel structure class

-Drugability optimization

About Us

SD Chem, a private corporation based in San Diego, is dedicated to providing high quality medicinal chemistry services, custom synthesis, and building blocks for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our team consists of highly trained chemists with decades of industry experience in drug discovery, leading compounds through the research, clinical trials, and market phases of a product. We have the precision to tackle milligram scale projects as well as the scalability to produce kilograms of product. We understand how important your intellectual property is and we strictly stand by the confidentiality of our customers. We offer both project and FTE based service terms.

Our company strives to produce fast, efficient service and we pride ourselves on reliability. Please do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions about our products, services, or job opportunities.


We have the following positions available at SD Chem, please contact in order to inquire about any openings:

Lab Technician

We are looking to hire a lab technician to join the SD Chem family. Qualified candidates should have a hands-on mentality and the ability to learn and adapt quickly. He or she should have a strong work ethic and be comfortable working in a team environment. Responsibilities include purifying compounds, repeating reactions, performing laboratory tasks, and more with supervision. No chemistry specific background is necessary.

Associate Chemist

SD Chem is looking to bring in a part time associate chemist to work with our team. Qualified candidates should hold a bachelor of science degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or a related field. We expect that applicants have at least 1-2 years of experience in chemistry. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: performing multi-step organic synthesis under supervision; purifying synthesized compounds using recrystallization, column chromatography, etc.; characterizing compounds using NMR, LCMS, etc.; optimizing synthetic routes to increase yield and quality; recording and tracking scientific results; updating supervisors on project progress; presenting work to management.

Senior Chemist

SD Chem is looking to hire a senior chemist to join our team. Qualified candidates should hold a Ph.D. in chemistry and have 2-5 years of experience in organic or medicinal chemistry. Responsibilities include but are not limited to conducting literature reviews, designing and performing organic synthesis based on those findings, and independently working on projects assigned by the manager. He or she must have excellent program solving and communication skills with the ability to write reports. This role requires a highly motivated individual and a dedicated team player.


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